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Eye Buddies Ernest Buges and Nina Murphy with co-ordinator Jackie Gould used to create space Residential trip organised by Surbiton Blind Club

Welcome to the Kingston Upon Thames Association for the Blind

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Did you know?

That almost a million people in the UK today have a visual impairment.

A visual impairment is an eye condition that cannot be corrected by spectacles.

That one in seven people over 75 years old in the UK has a visual impairment.

That people with a visual impairment often say they think they can cope with their lack of sight, but it is the attitude of sighted people that really handicaps them.

KAB operates in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in Greater London and offers a range of services and support for visually impaired people. In the borough there are over 1,000 people with varying degrees of sight loss.

The Kingston Association for the Blind runs a ‘home visiting/buddying scheme’ in the borough.


We currently are looking for volunteers to join us. Please contact the office for information and application form 0208 605 0060.

Registered charity No. 249295

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