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Eye Buddy Scheme

Social event for Talking Newspapersused to create space Eye Buddies Ernest Buges and Nina Murphy with buddy co-ordinator Jackie Gould

Some of the Visually Impaired people who have been helped by Eye Buddy Volunteers

Mrs C lives in North Kingston; she lives alone, has no relatives living in this part of the country and although she visits a day centre once a week, feels very isolated and lonely. She wanted to have someone to pop in once a week for coffee and a chat.

Mrs B also lives in North Kingston; her husband is also registered blind. They have two guide dogs. Mrs B wanted someone to take her shopping with them once a month to explain what new products are on the market and to help her find them. She also wanted to go for a walk around the block with a sighted person because her guide dog is due for retirement soon and she needs to gain confidence without him.

Mr W lives in Surbiton and is wheelchair bound. He worked all his life in Fleet Street and has some stories to tell. He wanted a regular visitor to chat with.

Mr Q also lives in Surbiton; he has only recently lost all sight and is finding life very difficult. He dearly wanted to go out each week for a walk, perhaps along the river or maybe to his bank, maybe a pint in a pub or a cup of tea. He needed to gain confidence and could do this with someone who is sighted.

Mrs A lives alone in Kingston; she has no living relatives and because of a recent knee injury, is mostly housebound. She would like someone to travel to New Malden with to collect her pension, someone who would enjoy a cup of tea and a chat about this and that; she loves Catherine Cookson, which she can listen to with her talking books and quiz programmes .
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